La Dolce Vita – a carefree day in Sicily

Welcome to Sicily, the jewel of the Mediterranean, where ‘La Dolce Vita’ is not just an expression but a way of life. Here, amid the endless olive groves and gentle rhythms of the sea lies a world where luxury and tranquility go hand in hand.

With Royal Botania, every day is a carefree experience of comfort, style and unforgettable moments. Enjoy a day in the shadow of Mount Etna, immersed in the opulence of the real Sicily.

Wake up in pure tranquility and begin your day without a care in the world

The Sicilian morning is heralded by a gentle breeze wafting through the linen curtains, its gentle caress inviting you to get up. Sip your first espresso of the day in your elegant Exes chairs. The early sun casts a golden glow over the furniture, the details of which are even more eye-catching. In the fresh Sicilian morning air, every day promises to be special.

Breakfast under the olive trees and the Sicilian sun

When you’re ready, you find a place under the old olive trees where the Calypso collection awaits you with its comfortable embrace. A rustic wooden plate full of Sicilian lemons adds a splash of colour to the elegant setting. The soft rustle of leaves and twittering of swallows form the perfect backdrop for a relaxing breakfast in the open air.

A laid-back morning with nothing that needs doing all day

As morning gives way to afternoon, you nestle into the deep, enveloping seat of the Folia rocking chair. Surrounded by the soft chirping of the crickets, it’s time for a moment of serenity with your favourite book. Pour a glass of fresh lemon water from the jug and enjoy. Here, in this personal oasis, it’s pure tranquility and luxury.

Lunch in style with those people dear to you

The afternoon sun is high in the sky. It’s time for lunch with friends. The Styletto low dining table is lavishly supplied with the finest ingredients, straight from the local market. Fresh tomatoes, aromatic basil, coarse sea salt and rich olive oil adorn the tabletop.

Do you sit in the Organix low-ding lounge? Or do you go for the elegant, low Ostrea chairs? Whatever you choose, this is the perfect scene for conversation and laughter. A symphony of taste and togetherness.

Sicilian siesta. Cooling off at the hottest time of the day

As the afternoon heat reaches its peak, the pool and stylish Bloom umbrella offer a refreshing escape. The minimalist elegance of the parasol provides a cooling shade. Here you drift away to the soft cadence of the day. Already find yourself dozing off in a siesta?

Rounding things off when night falls. Today was unforgettable

Nightfall brings a cooling calm. In the sumptuous embrace of the Styletto Lounge, surrounded by the Strappy and Tono collections, time stands still. A soft twilight descends over the landscape and in this relaxed elegance you know that the night is still young. The rest of the evening lies ahead, a canvas ready to be coloured with the palette of La Dolce Vita.

Every Royal Botania creation is a promise of unparalleled pleasure and timeless luxury. Bring this comfort into your home, and discover all the furniture arising from this inspiration: